Are You Ready to Improve Your Wellness?
Want to Feel Better, Have More Energy and Joy?
Need to Stick with Your Diet or Exercise Plan?
Want to Stress Less?
Desire Balance in Your Life?
Want a Healthier Lifestyle for You and Your Family?

Welcome to Wellstates - where lasting wellness change begins. Whatever the state of your wellness, you can make choices to improve it and you can enjoy the journey towards reaching your wellness goals. With Wellstates, you can succeed.

Whether your goals are to improve your fitness, manage your weight, have a healthy, balanced lifestyle, or make other positive changes in your wellness, Wellstates assists and empowers you to reach them. We use the best, evidence-based methods for wellness lifestyle and behavior change. We help you discover and set your individual wellness goals, create strategies to reach them, based on what you can do, and maintain your results - for lasting wellness change.

Wellstates’ motto for you is “I can”. We are confident that you will learn how you can make that your reality. For as your mind, heart and will are engaged and transformed, your wellness behavior also will change.

We offer Wellness Classes, Wellness Coaching, Wellness Consulting and a Wellness Community so you’re sure to find a program that meets your needs. We also have a Free Wellness Assessment and Free Community Wellness Programs. Please scroll down the page and visit our other pages to see what we offer you. Contact us if you need more information.

Wellness Classes

Classes are a great way to begin your wellness change and to learn how to succeed in maintaining your results. Our variety of short-term, small group classes cover all areas of wellness. They offer you a fun, supportive, safe environment to discover what wellness change you want to achieve and how you can best do it. Learn the individual strategies that will work for you and practice applying them. To see classes and schedules, CLICK HERE.

Wellness Coaching

Ready for one-to-one work with a wellness coach for real, lasting change in lifestyle? Have you tried to make changes, but haven’t gotten the long-term results you wanted? Then try taking a new approach with wellness coaching. Wellness coaching can make the difference in whether or not you succeed in reaching your wellness goals. It gives you in-depth, personalized coaching in the wellness areas of your choice over several weeks. Unlike boot-camp, drill style coaching, wellness coaching uses the best, evidence-based wellness coaching and behavior change methods and builds on your strengths to enlighten and empower you, thereby ensuring your success. Available for individuals, families and groups. To learn more CLICK HERE.

Wellness Consulting

Individuals, families, groups and small businesses can learn about the state of their wellness and develop a workable plan to improve it. Assessment and customized, short and long term programs are available. To learn more CLICK HERE.

Wellness Community

Connect with others on a wellness journey and continue learning valuable tips and tools to assist you in your ongoing wellness success. Get support and have accountability to keep you on track, moving forward and maintaining your results. Enjoy FREE programs and discussions on health and wellness topics. To learn more CLICK HERE.

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